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H. C. Andersen in Faaborg

Den Voigtske Gaard - Hans Christian Andersen and his first love


Gain a glimpse of Andersen’s love life through the fairytale ‘The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep’ and hear about his first love, Rigborg Voigt. Test your knowledge about the writer of fairytales in a truly intellectual exercise.

Take part in a guided excursion of the local area and, like Andersen, be enchanted by the high panoramic views, friendly hosts, lovely ladies and picnic baskets. Experience the Romantic garden at Holsteenshus and sense the vastness of nature in The Funen Alps.


Svendborg, Sydfyn

H. C. Andersen in Faaborg
Rejsetips - "Only few places in Denmark are so beautiful and smiling as precisely these at the Island waters of South Funen."
Meet the locals: Karen Elberg

General Information

Hans Christian Andersen in the Voigtske Gaard

5 hours H.C. Andersen Experience: Storytelling and a test of your knowledge of the writer in "The Old Farm" in Faaborg.

Visit the Voigtske Gaard in Faaborg with a guide. Guided bus ride to places Hans Christian Andersen has visited.

Picnic in the Funen Alps. Prices from 1285 DKK per person.

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