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Egeskov Castle - H. C. Andersen and Gardens

Egeskov Castle - H. C. Andersen and Gardens

Understand the role of the gardener for the development of gardens via the fairytale The Gardener and the Fine Family. Listen to how Andersen was inspired by the gardens of Funen and become part of a tableau vivant, a favourite party game at the time of the writer.


Also visit other enchanting laid-out gardens that Andersen visited on Funen. Guided tours are organised to Glorup Castle park, Broholm Castle, Valdemar Castle, Hostenshuus, Den Voigtske Gaard, Sanderumgaard and Odense.


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伊埃斯科城堡(Egeskov Slot——安徒生&绝版园林



Svendborg, Sydfyn

Egeskov Castle - H. C. Andersen and Gardens
Rejsetips - "Only few places in Denmark are so beautiful and smiling as precisely these at the Island waters of South Funen."
Meet the locals: Karen Elberg

General Information

Egeskov Castle - H. C. Andersen and gardens

 5 hours Hans Christian Andersen experience. Storytelling and "tableau vivant" at Egeskov Castle. Lunch at Café Jomfru Rigborg. Guided tour of the castle garden and the castle. Guided bus ride to places Hans Christian Andersen has visited. Prices from 1345 DKK per person. Contact Meet the Locals and receive the program. e-mail: info@meetthelocals.dk Phone: +45 61 60 11 03